What to Expect: Testimonials

“Dr. Donnelly and his team have always treated our son, Robbie-Mike, like he was their only patient. They have administered not just to his physical concerns, but also to his emotional and psychological needs. They have demonstrated an amazing ability to be simultaneously professional and sympathetic addressing the needs of our entire family. On numerous occasions, we have placed in their hands the life of one of our two most precious possessions and they have never let us down.”
— Parent of CH patient, Sabattus, ME

“We have been blessed to watch our daughter grow from infancy and become a beautiful young lady who has recently graduated from college. Through these years, the staff at Congenital Heart have been supportive, caring and always there to help us all adjust to the expected and unexpected. Each doctor and staff member has always answered our questions, cared for our daughter as their own, and been a simple phone call away in emergencies. We will always be grateful for not only their expert medical care and wisdom, but also for their compassion and love for our daughter.”
— Parent of CH patient, Sanford, ME

“Growing up with a heart defect can be a very scary and confusing thing. However, for as long as I can remember, the staff at Congenital Heart have tried to make it everything but. All that I have gone through over the years have been explained to me and my parents in a direct and comprehensive manner. I also feel as though they genuinely care for me and about what is going on in my life, and that I am not just another patient they have to get in and out of the office. As I have grown up and become an adult, I appreciate more and more what the doctors and nurses do for me every time I go into see them.”
— CH patient, Old Orchard Beach, ME

“Our son, Ryan, has been a patient of Dr. Epstein and Congenital Heart since 2003. Dr. Epstein diagnosed Ryan with Long QT Syndrome, a life-threatening heart condition. A few months after diagnosis, Ryan had a cardiac arrest. Ryan’s life was saved due to the accurate diagnosis and the measures Dr. Epstein put in place. It is the combination of an ICD, medication, and quality medical care from Dr. Epstein and his staff that Ryan is still with us today enjoying a safe and fulfilling life. We are forever grateful that we live so close to Congenital Heart. The peace of mind we have knowing they are there for our son is immeasurable.”
— Parent of CH patient, Gorham, ME

“Before my son Joseph was born, we were not aware he had any medical issues. We were very surprised when we were informed that he had a complex congenital heart defect. Over the next two years, we had to have many interactions with the doctors at Congenital Heart. They have been very empathetic and supportive of Joseph and our family. There were many unfortunate setbacks during those first two years and the doctors have been able to provide the necessary information in the most compassionate ways. Joseph is now a very active and energetic little man who lives very comfortably with his cardiac condition thanks to the entire staff an Congenital Heart. It is never traumatic for Joseph to come in for his visit. The staff is happy to see him just as he is happy to see them.”
— Parent of CH patient, Saco, ME